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Its been a while since I have posted a proper update on the progress of my kayak, and I’m not going to write a lot about each of the steps I have performed since my last update. If you have any questions about how I did any of the steps please leave a comment and I will answer it as well as I can. I am planning to seal the skin with clear polyurethane tomorrow, which will leave only varnishing the coaming and attacthing the deck rigging left to do before the boat is done! With a little luck I will have another big update up in a little over a week. In the meantime, please enjoy the following pictures which will bring you up to date with the current state of the project.

The completed frame with masik and deck stringers in place.

Stern breasthook in place.

Gluing the coaming together after steam bending the pieces and letting them sit for a few days.

Bow breasthood.

Late afternoon light showing off the shapes of the ribs.

It does feel a bit unfortunate to cover the frame up.

The skin pulled tight along the keelson. Its nice to see the shadows of the ribs on the cloth.

The cloth was pinned to the keel stringer first, and then pulled tight and pinned to the top of each gunwale moving from the ends to the cockpit. Here is the stern.

The skin wrapped tight to the gunwales.

A thin board with a centerline was clamped to the middle of the deck frames and used as a work surface to hold the cloth in place while sewing. Two needles were used at once, so that each end of the line was passed in opposite directions through each stitch hole. I was really pleased with how the seam resulted, while it was not a quick process.

The coaming held in place with finish nails.

Sewing the coaming to the skin. The coaming is not directly attached to frame in any way.

The kayak with skin wetted out to shrink it. As you can see, the skin loosened up while wet.

When the skin dried, almost all of the wrinkles dissapeared as the skin tightened. The only remaining wrinkles are in small areas between the coaming and the cockpit rim, which I am not concerned with. It looks great.


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This is a bit last minute, but for those of you who are local, I will be displaying the completed frame of the kayak I have been working on as well as my cedar strip canoe at the Wooden Boat Festival being hosted by the Willamette Sailing Club on July 10th. The show will go from noon until 6pm. You will be able to find me hanging out with the other experts( check the event poster: their words, not mine) who are RiversWest members. More information can be found here. I will hope to see you there!

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