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After a long break from posting here, the time might have arrived to pick this back up. Its been a long, difficult year, involving a painful change of situation and graduate school. I no longer live in the granny flat this blog was originally named for, and unfortunately, I do not have any new boats currently underway. That being said, my passion for boats is alive and well, and perhaps a new one will be under way soon? In the mean time here is a teaser photo from a trip I went on last spring, and which I will try to post more about soon. The picture was taken between Cathlamet and Skamokawa by my brother from his finished Pygmy Coho, with me in my finished Skin-on-frame kayak in front of him. ¬†Below that is a video I recently created for graduate school, where I am studying to become a math teacher. Perhaps the video is a bit¬†cheese-ball, but I’ll let you decide how you feel about it. Enjoy!



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