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Skew Chisels

I realized that I had never posted pictures of the skew chisels I made the blades for in the tool making class I participated in a while back. Except for some final sharpening and fine tuning, the blades were finished as part of the class, but we did not make the handles in the class. For a little while I was lazy and used an old file handle, but the blades clearly deserved better. To remedy the situation, I turned a matching pair of handles out of some maple I had laying around. I made the collets out of a piece of copper tubing from the plumbing section at home depot. I turned the front of the handles carefully for a pressure fit of the collets. I drilled the holes with a deeper narrow hole and a shorter wider hole to better hold the tapered tang of the blade. The handles were sanded and finished with a single coat of linseed oil.

At this point, I probably reach for this pair of chisels as much as just about any tool I own. They were great for trimming the bungs for the top of my tool bench recently, but I seem to constantly find new uses for them as I work to sneak into difficult corners or work with stubborn grain. Custom making the handles also allowed me to create a shape that fits my hands as well as any tool I have ever owned. They are truly a joy to use.


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