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Hello Folks,

Clearly this blog is long over due for some good updates. After the first full season with my new boat I have good tales to tell, and have also learned that one should not start sanding a boat down to refinish it unless he has enough time to do so. I’ve missed some good days out there and the Shearwater is currently back in the basement, where I’ve been too busy to get the necessary paint and varnish back on it to enjoy as much fall sailing as I should be doing.

That all being said, I’ve gotten some good work on furniture done, and I have two events next weekend where someone interested in seeing my furniture in person could easily do so without making an appointment.

The first is Gifted, ADX’s annual holiday event with lots of vendors and holiday cheer. It will go from 12 till 9 on Saturday, December 12.

The second will be Portland Center Stage’s Holiday Bazaar which will go from 12 till 5 on Sunday, December 13. Its going to be a busy weekend.


The new lounge chair. Still in progress, this piece will be freshly upholstered and ready to sell this weekend. Come test it out!


The new coffee table design.

Come check it all out either day, though I’ll also have a new whale assembled and present at Gifted. Happy Holidays!(null)


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