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The submissions for the Coffee Table Build Off are all posted, and there is the opportunity to vote on your favorite. The one with the most votes will apparently get some sort of Viewers Choice award. I think mine stacks up nicely, but take a look through the submissions. There are some really nice designs. If you happen to think mine is the most attractive design, please vote for it! If you like another one more, I suppose you should vote for that one instead! Either way, enjoy, and many thanks to Neil Cronk for putting this on.





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My coffee table is done. Its description and photos have been sent off to Neil Cronk at the Cronkwright Woodshop. Many thanks for the help I received from my brother Joseph photographing it. Many thanks also to Neil Cronk for putting this event on. I’m getting excited to see everyone else”s submissions and wondering a bit how mine will do. Here’s what I sent in.

Dimensions: 48″L, 22″W, 16″T
Materials: White Oak with Black Walnut wedges.
Design and Build:
This design was inspired by several old benches in a book called “We Sit Together: Utopian Benches From the Shakers to the Separatists of Zoar” by Francis Cope. I was intrigued by several of these benches in particular because despite being quite old, there was also something about them that was distinctly modern. Their simplicity, and the long straight taper of their legs resembled many pieces of danish modern furniture. There was something timeless and elegant about these benches which I tried to achieve with my coffee table design. I also enjoy the subtly subversive themes discussed in the book. Perhaps by building myself a high quality piece of furniture in what I hope is a timeless design I have circumvented consumerist culture and carried this idea into my coffee table?
The top is composed of three edge glued planks. The legs were turned. In order to allow the tenons of the legs to pass through the top while also accounting for the expansion and contraction of the wood in the top, I split each of the visible cross pieces into two halves with a narrow gap between them. A pair of secondary cross pieces provide additional stability across its width. The cross pieces are all fitted into partial slots which were routed and squared up with a chisel. The wedges in the tenons are black walnut for contrast. Screws are stainless steel. The finish is composed of 4 coats of Watco and layer of paste wax. I’m not sure the 4th coat of oil was entirely necessary.

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