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Tomorrow morning, at 5am, a race of unreasonable proportions will begin. Participants will begin in Port Townsend, Washington and travel by boat to Ketchikan, Alaska, 750 treacherous miles, and basically the only rule is no engines are allowed. These boats will be powered by the wind or by paddles and oars exclusively.

Tonight I am toasting them, and all the work they have put into their preparations. Entering this race is a bold choice, and as Gothe suggests this boldness has genius, though I also think they are all a bit nuts. That being said I am more than a bit jealous of all those who have entered into this endeavor. That statement might reflect my own level of sanity, and I’m ok with that. Its going to be one hell of a journey for everyone involved, and I wish them a safe passage, whether it is enjoyable or not.

Over the coming weeks I plan to have my Race to Alaska flask with me at all times. I’ll be keeping close track of the competitors and want to be prepared to toast the victor whenever they arrive at the finish line. I will likely also toast second place and their proud acquisition of what I’m sure is a fine set of steak knives.

To learn more about the race and to see how you can also follow the progress of these stalwart individuals, follow the link below:



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